Understanding the organisational structure support by Standfirst

Organisations support in Standfirst for Alexa allows you to bring in third parties to work on your content - even if they also work with content for other organisations.

Standfirst supports a normal hierarchical organisational structure. Even if you are one individual setting up a hobby Skill, you can still easily transfer organisation ownership.

When you set up your account, you are also setting up an organisation. If somebody else has already registered an organisation that you are publishing, then request that they add you to the organisation and invite you through organisation management. An organisation can currently have an unlimited number of users.

A subscription is always against an organisation. You can add another organisation admin and then leave that organisation and keep your account but lose your organisation. This means that on login you can’t do or see anything until you are added to another organisation.

A user can belong to multiple organisations.

An example structure is shown below:

In this example, a typical situation would be that Faruq is an administrator for TopCorp and Karen is an administrator for Big Publish. Alice provides content for both and has been given the role of Member for both organisations. That means she can work for both, but can’t add other users, change subscriptions, or take over management of payments.

One day, Faruq may offer Alice a full time job. Alice could decide to carry on freelance work with Karen’s Big Publish. She would be an admin for TopCorp whilst still being a member with contribution and channel management rights for Big Publish.

Any admin can ‘take over’ an organisation’s subscription - simply cancel your subscription and let the other admin set up the payment on the Edit Organisation screen. Bear in mind that cancelling a subscription cancels any coupons you may have used on sign-up.

Switching Organisations

If you belong to multiple organisations, you will see that you can switch between organisations using the picker in the top right corner of the screen.