Creating a Menu

Everything you need to know about menus.

There are two ways menus are used on a Standfirst site.

The first is simply as a navigation menu, used to navigate throughout the site in the headers, footers and sidebars.

The second is specifically for use with the Advanced Menus widget. Using a menu in this way allows users to create curated lists of posts to be used in the Advanced Menus widget in hero sections and landing pages throughout the site.

To create or edit a menu:

  1. Log in to the admin panel and navigate to Appearance > Menus.
  2. Select an existing menu from the dropdown and click ‘Select’ to edit or create a new menu using the ‘Create a new menu’ link.

  3. Give your menu a name and click ‘Create Menu’ to create your new menu. Existing menus can also be renamed here.

  4. Select the pages, posts, custom links or categories you’d like included in the menu by checking them. Once you’ve selected all relevant items click ‘Add to Menu’.

  5. Set the order of appearance by dragging and dropping the menu items from top to bottom. Each item can be expended and further options set; change the label name, add a title attribute, add an image, move up/down and remove. These options are specifically used by navigation menus and will not be used if you are using the menu in an Advanced Menu Walker widget.