Creating a Post

What it says on the tin — creating a post.

If you're unsure what the difference is between a post and a page, we recommend you read out Posts vs Pages guide for clarification.

Let's get started

To add a new post to your site head over to Posts in the left sidebar and click Add New.

Go ahead and add your title, enter some content and you're building your post content. Creating content in Standfirst should be as simple as using any standard word processing software. You don't need to learn HTML, just the skills you've acquired from using Microsoft Word (or similar).

Formatting your text

You will see it’s possible to format text in several ways using the buttons at the top of the editor. By default you’ll only see one line of buttons. You can activate the second line of buttons by pressing the Toolbar Toggle button. The toggle button sits on the far right of the top row as demonstrated in the screenshot.

Don’t forget – if you get stuck, hovering over the buttons will describe what they do. To make your text a heading use the drop-down arrow next to 'paragraph' in the toolbar.

Previewing your content

If you want to see what your page would look like if you were to publish it, try pressing ‘Preview’. Once you’ve completed your page and you are happy with how it looks, press the ‘Publish’ button to the right. Check out the screenshot below.

Categories and tags

On this page, you’ll also see Category and Tags options. To find out more about these, read our Categories & Tags guide.

Other Tools

As you scroll down the page you will come across publishing tools and Post SEO settings. We cover both of these tools separately in this guide. 

Find out more about publishing tools in our Publishing Tools guide.

Find out more about SEO settings in our SEO guide