Importing content

Get to grips with importing content into Standfirst for Kindle.

Importing regular content from another system

If you're importing content from another site or feed to use Standfirst for Kindle publishing only, then you're almost certainly using the Import Media part of the system. If you've had the system set up by interconnect/it then you'll probably find that the process is automatic, and content will appear in the articles view as and when available on your feed.

However, if you've opted to have manual importing, then you'll need to go to the Feeds screen and click the Run Now button.

If content doesn't arrive

Check the following before contacting your support team:

  1. Recent error messages about the feed not being available.
  2. Try to "Run Now" - does the process run? Are there any new errors?
  3. See if you can visit the Feed URL from your computer. Is there new content in the feed? It can be a little hard to read, but if you search for the value of "pubDate" the first result will be the most recent piece of content available in the feed. Check if it's recent and that your feed generator is still working.