Key Concepts

Things to know before you get started

Using the Kindle system is straightforward and fast. If you are using the modern implementation (from October 2021) then you will be able to put together most issues with no more than a few minutes of work, assuming the content is sourced via RSS.

It's worth taking a moment to understand the way in which everything is structured:



An organisation can own multiple publications (there is a charge per active publication with Kindle, but you can set up multiple test publications in order to learn/experiment with at no extra cost) and each publication contains issues, which contain sections, which contain articles.

An article can be in one or more issue or section, but can only be in one publication.

Sections are unique to each issue, but are automatically copied over from a previous issue for re-use, as most publications use the same sections for each issue.

Depending on your schedule, you’ll create a new issue each week.

You'll have worked with interconnect/it or a supplier to configure your initial set up, but each week you may need to adjust the categories and order before signing off on an issue.