The SEO Framework

Understanding the SEO framework.

The SEO framework options are located in the individual page/post edit section underneath the publisher tools.

Tip: If you want to customise the general settings you can navigate to SEO in the left-hand side, admin bar. You can also read the documentation from the plugin creator The SEO Framework


Post title and description are automatically set but they can be modified if required so they stand out in search results. There are Characters Used guidelines to help you set the optimum amount of characters. Make sure you’re confident you know what you’re doing or it may affect your SEO performance. 


Open Graph title and description are set automatically for social sharing. They can be customised if required.


You can apply various settings including 'noindex' which discourages search engines to index the page/post.

The SEO Framework plugin is fast and lightweight. It’s not like some other well-known plugins on the market that can add excessive features and bloat to your site which effectively degrades performance.