Setting up an issue

Each issue needs to be defined by hand

For each issue, you’ll generally follow a regular manual process - if you wish for an automated solution, that is possible - simply drop your account manager an email.

This process will be repeated for each issue. We don’t currently have an automated process for creating this sort of content, but we can do it where desired.

Let’s run through each of those steps:

Issue Create

In Publications, click the Issue Create button

This will bring up the following modal window:

Input the title and description appropriate to your publication’s style guide.

Select the sections you require from the feed, which will be automatically populated.

Publication date is the official date of the issue. It’s common in publishing of periodicals that this date is a little in the future. So although a magazine may have the date on the cover of 1st of March, it may well be distributed on the 14th of February.

Distribution date is the date and time on which the issue is released to the public and made available to the Kindle or phone apps for reading.

Press Create, and the magic will happen, and your issue will now look something like this:

Important note: any articles that were recently aggregated from your source, which were not automatically allocated to a section will be visible with their recent date in the right hand column under “Latest Articles”.