Page Templates

Understanding the page templates.

Your site will usually contain a number of predefined page templates. Depending on how much your theme has been customised, your page templates will usually include a Default, Home page and General Landing page template. You may also have additional templates like the screenshot below. Notice that the templates with ‘(1 sidebar)’ after the name enable you to click on Administer Widgets where you can then assemble the page by adding selected widgets. See the widgets section in 'Creating Content'.


This template is normally used for a standard page styling that does not include any extra widget areas.

Home page (1 sidebar)

This template is primarily used for the home page style. It is a type of landing page but it often contains more design work on the front end because it’s the home page. You can add widgets to this page and reorder them as you wish.

General Landing page (1 sidebar)

This template is usually a generic landing page design. Just like the home page, you can add widgets to this page to customise it the way you want it.