Monetising and Further Options for Flash Briefings

You can't directly monetise a Flash Briefing, but here we describe some options for how you may be able to build a revenue stream with Flash Briefings.


About the only way to monetise a Flash Briefing without causing problems is to seek a sponsor that can support your Flash Briefing. All mentions of sponsors should be brief and direct - e.g. “Brought to you by our sponsors, FB Shoes!” at the end. Don’t worry, it’ll be heard as few people skip past a short sponsor notice. But if your sponsor alert gets long and boring, they’ll just shout “Alexa, next!”

Full Skills

Flash briefings are relatively simple and straightforward to work with, but also fairly limited in terms of functionality. They are classed as skills, but are not full skills which can be monetised - essentially, it’s your chance to use the Alexa platform to attract a broader audience to your channels, but a Flash Briefing provides direct means to monetise your work. An Alexa Skill can actually be a fully featured, interactive digital resource with in-skill purchasing options for monetisation, complex features, and even with visual elements. To help you with this, interconnect/it now offers a full Alexa Skill development service. Simply drop us a line on 0151 452 5839 or email [email protected] or discuss your requirements with your account manager.

Multiple locales

It’s possible to deliver the same content to multiple locales in the Alexa Developer console.

It’s also possible to deliver different content to different locales. For this you will need to have different Channels set up, one for each unique skill you’ve defined in the console. We can help you with this, just contact your account manager. If you need more feeds than are supported by your package, but don’t necessarily wish to go to higher service level, do get in touch as custom packages can be made available.

Events and other cross-marketing

Flash Briefings, like podcasts, can attract followers who may be interested in attending real-life events and activities. Remember to promote these in a sensible and moderate way.