Publisher Tools

Publishing tools on your Standfirst site.

The publisher tools provide common publishing features to your pages and posts. The tools are located in the individual page/post edit section underneath the main content field.


This enables you to override the default title and featured image of the page/post. This is useful in situations where you would like a different image or title than what is displayed on the card. Read more about the card design system in our Cards guide.

You are also able to add a caption to the hero image.


Adds a standfirst to the page/post, usually displayed under the main heading of an article.


Where the post/page is displayed as a card, you can replace the default image and text with a blockquote instead.

Sign Off

The sign off content is displayed at the end of an article and often used to provide details of the author or for promotion purposes.

Table of Contents

This section builds a list of links from the article headings and is displayed at the top of the page/post. The table of contents allows visitors to skip to a selected section of the article. 

The table of contents is deactivated by default but can be displayed by checking the “Enable” checkbox.

You can choose to display or hide the widget title and change the title text.

The backlink is displayed at the end of each section in the article and allows the reader to easily skip back to the top of the article. You can choose to hide the backlink, alongside the option to change the link text.