Managing organisation membership

You can invite users to become a member of your organisation, remove them, and set their access privileges

Organisation management allows you to bring in users to your organisation in a straightforward way, meaning you can control access to your organisation. If you run or work with multiple organisations you can also easily switch between them. You also have a test organisation available for each user in order to learn and experiment with.

To add a team member

All team members have to be invited into the system and can be either an administrator or a member. An administrator can add more team members and edit organisation settings, so be careful as to who you add at this level. An owner has full rights and can only be defined by Interconnect staff.

To add a team member, simply select Create New in the manage invitations section to bring up the following modal:

This will send an invitation link to the email address provided. Invitations will remain in the Manage invitations box until they’re accepted:

You can edit users in your organisation to be different levels, and you can remove them and their invitations. You cannot edit user details other than your own profile. If you need assistance in this area, Interconnect can adjust any items in the system.