An introduction to what Standfirst for Kindle does.

Standfirst supports e-ink Publishing to the Amazon Kindle device family for Newspapers & Magazines. There are many thousands of active users who are subscribing to receive their periodicals on their Kindle devices. Our Standfirst for Kindle service is the only one available on the market for publishers to use, and supports all the features available.

In this guide we include details on how to configure the system and manage the daily usage.

For publishers who use Standfirst solely for Kindle publishing, you may be aggregating using our aggregation tools. Information on using this is included in this site.

Key Concepts

Using the Kindle system is relatively straightforward, but as it can give a lot of options it can feel overwhelming at first. 

The idea behind the system is that content can be input manually or aggregated, making it easy to have Kindle only content that has never appeared on your source.

Articles, Categories and Issues are the driving force behind this. As a periodical publisher, you will find this to be the 'glue' behind your operating procedures.

Each day, week, or month, you'll need to define your issues and then assign content to that issue. Our developer product roadmap contains ideas for automating this process. Development strategy depends on customer demand. 

You'll have worked with interconnect/it or a supplier to configure your initial set up, but each week you may need to adjust the categories and order before signing off on an issue.