Introduction to Landing Pages

A key feature of Standfirst - easy to manage landing pages!

Most publisher sites need landing pages for sections of content, or for marketing purposes. If you have an implementation from before 2020, your build may use Widgets for landing pages, in which case you should refer to the legacy Widgets help guide where you can find everything you can find information on both the widget management, and the Advanced Menus and Taxonomy Lister widgets used on older sites. However, if your site was built in 2020 or later then your account manager will have directed you here.

In this guide we'll first describe the various features of the Landing Page Builder, and how it can be used to create everything from pricing pages through to magazine section pages.

Types of pages you may wish to create using the Landing Page Builder:

  1. Website home page
  2. Marketing pages
  3. Subscription pages
  4. Upsell pages
  5. Landing pages for advertisements on social media
  6. And more!

The simple thing to remember with the system is that it treats a page as a layered stack of elements that you can pull together to create a page suitable for both desktop and mobile use. The older widgets system is still available if you need to build pages for widescreen or large format use - just ask if you'd like us to create templates for you to suit.

Here's an example from our demo site of a website home page:



As you can see, the page has a number of sections typical to a magazine landing page. A header section with a featured headline story and image, a featured content section, then some selling points leading to pages, a call to action, and more content to read, and finally a footer.

In a standard template, the footer and header are normally managed separately through the standard menu management, where items can be controlled. If you have customisations, your account manager will have documented these separately and supplied you with suitable instructions.

It's also possible to create content that has more direct selling needs, like the following:



As you can see, this is quite different. But if you really wanted to, you could have a page with both sets of elements! That's the beauty of the system - you're in control.

Learn about how to create and manage Landing Pages in the Help section dedicated to the subject.