Organising your content

This important section helps you structure your Kindle content.


If your source system supports multiple feeds, you can import directly to a category and save some effort.

So for example, in the (very long) screenshot below, you can see a typical setting up process for pulling in features directly from a magazine:

Each issue, you will still need to ensure you create a new issue (this can be done in advance if you wish) and you'll still need to assign posts to these issues either manually or automatically. There's no simple path to automating this, unfortunately, because each magazine does things differently and the rules become very complex, very quickly.


If you only have a single feed to work with, then you'll need to process the content manually after the import. When content comes in, the quickest method to do this is to use the 'quick edit' facility in Standfirst.

In the image below, you can see aggregated content that has come in with no categorisation other than to the default category:

If you click on Quick Edit you're presented with an interface like this:

Here you can very quickly apply categories, adjust titles, assign to issues, change authors and even remove posts from visibility.

Please note that when you assign a piece of content to an issue, its publish date will change to that of the issue if publishing dates have been set to be carried through. If that is that case the order of posts in this view, when you refresh the screen, will likely change as you assign content to an issue.

With bulk actions

You can also use the Bulk actions element to assign a set of content to a particular category or issue. See screen below :