Arranging your articles

You can re-order articles after aggregation, adjust their content and assign them to sections

Please note that all arranging is saved dynamically. Any changes are immediately reflected in any connected applications. Settings, however, won’t change until you press the save settings button.

You can drag and drop articles around their sections. The order you can see the articles in this view is the order in which they’ll appear in the Kindle or the Standfirst Reader App. Because of the feed’s order that we’ve used, the Up Front articles are the wrong way around. Simply drag them into the right positions:

You can edit an article by clicking the pen icon:

And you can remove it from the issue by clicking the trash button. This action will not delete the article from the content management system - it will simply appear in the right hand column for further use in this or another issue.

Using the articles block

All articles can be dragged from the articles block and placed into a section in the issue:

Reusing articles

Sometimes you may wish to use an article from a past issue, or have an article that’s used again and again. The search feature can be helpful here - simply type in the title you’re looking for and the search will dynamically bring in matching articles:

The search covers the article and all its content, including author names, but treats each word separately.

It will find articles that have been used in past issues, but not in the current issue. Use the browser screen search to find where you’ve placed an article, by using ctl+f or command+f