Setting up your Kindle edition

We talk you through structuring your Kindle edition.

One of the most important jobs, of course, is laying out the Kindle Edition - the order of the content and sections appear in. This lets you prioritise your content in the way you need it for any individual edition, but always based on a standardised structure.

Ensure that you've first set up all your articles that you want in the issue - once done, you can go to your hub, and select the issue. Remember, of course, that you have to define your issue before you can build the Kindle edition!

You can easily reorder your sections and your articles as required. Watch the snippet below to see the process, from selecting an issue in the Issues Hub through to finalising the issue. Once done, you can go to your Kindle for Publishers Control Panel and provide the feed URL. Alternatively, work with your Kindle for Publishers contact to check your feed is correct and that they are happy. They will, of course, soon be in contact if it they're not.

Please note, that there is a current issue feed link which is available from the panel, but you can provide Amazon a feed URL along the lines of http://{$yourdomain}/kindle/manifest/ which simply provides the most recent issue's manifest.

Going live with an issue

Once you're satisfied that an issue is complete, you have two options.

Special editions

If you're creating a special edition that's outside the normal schedule that you have established with Amazon Newsstand, you should scroll to the top of the Kindle Edition Settings Page and find the link for issue. You can then email this link to [email protected] in good time (allow up to 12hrs typically) and they will create and distribute the special edition for you. Do instruct them clearly that this is a temporary edition and the usual link should continue. The image below shows the location of the link.

Regular editions

Typically, however, you just want Amazon to automatically pick up from the same root feed, so saving a step each week. To do this, you will inform Amazon at [email protected] at the start of using Standfirst that you desire to use a link in the following form: http://{$yourdomain}/kindle/manifest/ where {$yourdomain} is the same as the one you visit to maintain your Kindle site. You must simply prepare an edition each week prior to their scheduled release time, and then set the issue as live from the bottom of that issue's Kindle settings page: