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The background to Standfirst Cloud.

Logging in

Where it all starts. How to log in to your site.


Everything you need to know about your dashboard.

Posts vs Pages

What's the difference? We explain all.

Categories & Tags

What's the difference and when to use them.

The Cards

How to get the best out of the card system.

Creating a Post

What it says on the tin — creating a post.

Creating a Page

What it says on the tin — creating a page.

Page Templates

Understanding the page templates.

Page Builder

Quickly build a page using modular blocks

Publisher Tools

Publishing tools on your Standfirst site.

Managing Widgets

Feeling confused? Allow us to explain.

Advanced Menu

Getting to know Advanced Menus. We explain all.

Taxonomy Listing

Tax... what? All you need to know about tax listings.

The Media Library

All things media! Managing your media uploads.


Powerful image processing with ImgIX.

Creating a Menu

Everything you need to know about menus.

Introduction to Landing Pages

A key feature of Standfirst - easy to manage landing pages!

Creating a typical home page

Every website has a home page, and it can be the most important page of your site.

The SEO Framework

Understanding the SEO framework.

Style Guide

Design! Putting your best foot forward.

Managing Users

Everything you need to know about users.

Moderating Comments

Keep things ship-shape on your site.