Page Builder

Quickly build a page using modular blocks

Most pages on your site will be made up of several different elements; a hero-banner, calls to action, text and images arranged in a number of ways. The page builder allows you to create each of these elements as needed. You can then arrange them to create a visually engaging page with multiple features.

Each block contains a number of fields used to define its contents as well as colour themes and layout options. 

To create a page using the Page builder you must select the “Landing Page” template from the list of Standfirst page templates. To add a block click “Add Block” and select the block type you would like to add to the page layout. Blocks can be reordered by dragging and dropping into place.  

You can change the colour scheme of each block, usually consisting of a minimum of 3 options (light, dark, and primary colour schemes). These colour schemes are informed by the design of your theme. 

The following is a list of the default blocks we have available. The blocks and functionality may change depending on the design of your site. You may not require all blocks or you may have some customised blocks.

Note: All blocks are designed responsively with multiple screen widths in mind.

CTA (Call to Action) 

The CTA allows you to add a bold call to action block containing a heading, text content, and a button with the option of adding a background image. 

Features List

This block displays a list of “features". A feature consists of manually created content (title, image, and text) arranged into columns (1-6). 

Note: Columns stack so if you have 6 features and set them to 3 columns your block will have 2 rows of 3.

You can add any number of features and lay them out accordingly.


  • In the Features List block click "Add Feature"

  • Complete the necessary fields

  • Click the cross (+) icon to the left to add additional features

Features List and Image

This block is the same as the previous Features List but with the option to add a large image to the left or right of the list in a two-column layout. 

Features Boxes

A list of “features” arranged in a row of cards. A feature consists of manually created content (title, image, and rich-text and button link) arranged into columns (1-6). This block can be useful for highlighting important features and a call-to-action to link to more information.

You can add any number of features and lay them out accordingly.


  • In the Features List block click "Add Feature"

  • Complete the necessary fields

  • Click the cross (+) icon to the left to add additional features


The Hero usually sits at the top of your page as a large image or block of colour with a bold title. The block allows you to add a heading, standfirst text, a button and a background image to your page.

Note: It is advised to use this as the first block of an important page.

Image and Text

This block allows you to add an image and some accompanying text in a two column layout. You can customise this block by changing the orientation of the image and text, and image vertical alignment.


You can add a range of logo images using the Logotypes block. Click "Select Attachment" to add an image, you can display as many logos as you need. 

Pricing Boxes

The pricing boxes allow you to display product plans/pricing tiers for your product in a card column format. You can add any number of plans and define how many columns the plans are displayed in.

Each plan can be defined with a name, price (with billing frequency), call to action button and a rich text area to add more details or a feature list.

You can also use the ‘Primary Plan’ selector to highlight a plan and add a custom text label to it. The example shows the Pro plan as the primary plan with the text “most popular” entered as a label.

Automatic Cards List (ACL)

The ACL allows you to add dynamic content to your page. The content updates automatically according to the chosen settings. For example, if you have set the block to display the latest posts for a certain category, the page content will update automatically to display the latest articles for that category. If you select the parent category, it will display the latest content according to what is categorised in that group.  

Tip: Good if you want to keep your content looking fresh and up to date dynamically without you having to manage manually on a regular basis. 

General Options

Here you an set the following options:

  • Heading

  • How many cards you would like to display in one block

  • How many columns you would like the cards to be displayed in

  • Background image

  • Style

Filter Options

The filter options give you more control over what you would like to be displayed in the ACL block. Such as limiting the terms and post types.

Advanced Options

The advanced options gives you more control over how you would like the posts to be displayed. For example, how the posts are to be ordered and excluding duplicate posts.

Selected Cards List (SCL)

The SCL block provides a similar output to the ACL block. The difference here is that you have control over the posts that are displayed. This block does not automatically update like ACL unless you opt to add / change a post you have previously selected. 


  • Go to the Articles section and the bottom of the block

  • Click "Add Article"

  • Search for and select the article you would like to add 

  • Click the cross (+) icon to add additional posts

Team Members

The team block allows you to add a name, profile image, role, details and social media information for a range of team members. 

Tip: The social media fields are optional, if left blank they will not render on the page. 


  • Go to the Members section and the bottom of the block

  • Click "Add Member"

  • Fill in the fields for each team member

  • Click the cross (+) icon to add additional posts


The text block provides the ability to add some styled text content to your page, with a two column option. 


Guide updated on - 28/01/2020
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