How to Sign Up to Standfirst for Alexa

Setting up an account with Standfirst is easy and quick.

Non Enterprise Customers

Simply head over to and register using the self service form on this page. You will need a credit card to pay for the service. If you need to invoice us instead you will need a type of Enterprise account and should see below.

To find out more about the plans and differences, visit

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to sign in subsequently using the login at

Your subscription payment is handled by our partner Stripe, who will email you a receipt for any payments taken from your card.

Enterprise Customers

Enterprises often have certain management or contractual obligations which differ to a smaller business. This may be to do with a need for invoice based billing rather than using credit cards, a need for contracts, etc. We can accommodate almost any requirement you can think of but these are not handled through self-service.

If you wish to set up an Enterprise account, please call us on +44 151 331 5140, or email [email protected]

Guide updated on - 06/08/2020
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