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Standfirst for Alexa allows you to manage content that is played by Alexa when you ask "Alexa, what are my Flash Briefings" or "Alexa, tell me the news."

How to Sign Up to Standfirst for Alexa

Setting up an account with Standfirst is easy and quick.

Creating Your Flash Briefings

Creating a Flash Briefing is easy using Standfirst for Alexa.

Testing, and dealing with problems

Problems happen! Here's how to check things are correct and working properly.

Understanding the organisational structure support by Standfirst

Organisations support in Standfirst for Alexa allows you to bring in third parties to work on your content - even if they also work with content for other organisations.

Registering Your Flash Briefing Skill

To run a Flash Briefing, you need to register with Amazon. This document describes the process.

Monetising and Further Options for Flash Briefings

You can't directly monetise a Flash Briefing, but here we describe some options for how you may be able to build a revenue stream with Flash Briefings.